Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm really bad at this

I'm having a bit of a shock at seeing that it has been six months since I put anything up here. I guess my "quick post when Allison and the kids are at church" idea isn't quite panning out. Thankfully there is "bored at work, and not really willing to grab another task before I go home" time.

In what might be a record, there is a chance I'll see Kurt briefly tonight, that would make three times in four days - possibly the most I've seen him since leaving for the Air Force! I'm just glad that I was able to help him out in his move, even if just by storing his stuff for a few days. He's so nice, he gave me an old guitar of his, so I can hopefully take my Mad Rock Band Skillz(tm) to the real thing. So far that is panning out to be a bit more difficult than the fake plastic guitar, but I'm not going to call it hopeless just yet.

I made an account on Facebook, so far I have found loads of people from high school that I had totally lost contact with (some of whom I actually regret losing touch with). Still have found no one from Nellis AFB, which is a bummer - I'd love to drop Vito, Seth or Brett a quick line, so I'll just have to keep trying to locate them. I keep checking friends of friends to see if I can find any unrelated loops in friends, sort of a 3 degrees of separation kind of thing. No luck on that either, but I have an idea - my friend Matt from work moved out to Colorado Springs, so I think that is my best bet, see if any of his friends connect to my sister's.


Kim said...

Welcome back, Rob! Nice to hear what's going on with you. I'm terrible at FB but I'll keep trying. How about some pictures?

Love you.

Kim said...

Hey Rob,
Jake wants your gamer ID (or something like that) for xbox. Do you have one?

Also, could you update your blog already? Go private if that is your concern but we need some current pics of your boys!

Love, Kim