Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Image dump

Here goes, my first attempt at getting some pictures on the blog.

This picutre is from Christmas Eve, if the date on the bottom left didn't give it away. Pretty much our annual "Family on the couch" picture. This is at Carrie's house.

Here's a bunch of good "guess which kid it is" pictures
No fair using the different resolution to guess the age of the photos, either. I can tell who is who, but some of these you could just swap one kid for the other. Almost seven years apart and they look practically like twins, they even act like polar opposites of each other a huge percent of the time.

My Mom made me do it.

Seriously. After seeing how nice it is to have Kim updating a web page with all sorts of info on her family, and Carrie following suit, my Mom said I should do one, too. Considering I'm the most 'techy' person I know, and most of my time is spent interfacing, in one way or another, with computers, it really does make good sense. I started a blog about my gaming habits around the beginning of the year, but I'm just not that good at keeping that up to date. I'm going to try to be better about this one, since the purpose is to let my family (extended) know what is going on in the lives of myself, Allison and my boys. I will try to get pictures up at least once a week, and hopefully some kind of "what's going on" at least weekly, too. We'll have to see how it goes I guess.