Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking Care of Business

All quiet on the home front, for me anyway. It's been a crazy mix of crunch time and vacation time at work, so for the last three weeks I have been doing the work of anywhere between two and four people, obviously none of it as well as two people would do it, so I've been working my butt off, putting in all kinds of overtime, and not spending more than the occasional weekend day with my family. I have been able to swing the extra time such that I still have two day weekends, which is great, it just isn't quite as nice as the two/three day weekend cycle I'm used to.

The next few weekends should be crazy, birthday party at Carrie's for her little ones, then one at my place the next day for Archer. I can't believe he's four already! He certainly makes the most of his inherited stubbornness, I think he just might be the most stubborn person on the planet, and he is willing to argue with you that he isn't until you both pass out from hunger.

I tried to get Dad to come to John and Jane's house this past Saturday for a party, I didn't know it was to celebrate Jaime's college graduation and landing a job with "The Magic Treehouse: The Musical"! Major congratulations for that one, she is on a first-name basis with the author of the Magic Tree House books, so I thought that was pretty cool. Dad decided that he didn't want me driving all over CT just to let him socialize, which is silly, I never would have offered if I wasn't willing to do it. Jim was making fun of him, but most people were just bummed that he didn't come up.
It was a really fun time, Archer and McGuire were busy playing with Tucker, John and Jane's half-lab dog, and Keira, Josh's lab/beagle mix. I got to spend some time with James, who is a gamer like me and Josh (complete with the M-rated violent games!) and talk to Jaime for a bit too. It was a really nice time, me and the boys stayed until like 9:30, so Archer was a total mess when we left - just a bit overtired. I also got to show off my Rock Band skillz, which was awesome. I've turned some kind of a corner on the drums, and now I can play most of the songs on Medium without too much trouble, just the occasional shin cramp.