Tuesday, August 19, 2008

McGuire Uccello and the Chipped Toilet

The timing really is quite perfect: he's going to be 11 this year, the same year as Harry Potter when he started at Hogwarts, and now he has his very own forehead scar in time for school! Luckily for me, the scar had nothing to do with evil wizards, a dying parents protection or flying motorcycles, but it is a good one.

The version of the story I heard was that McGuire was getting ready to go see an animal display at the library while visiting his grandparents in Maine, and before they left, he needed to brush his teeth. Being 10, and stubborn, he was watching a TV show while brushing. So when his grandfather turned off the TV and made him go into the bathroom, he didn't like that. Solution: sneak back to the TV as soon as Grandpa's back is turned. Of course, he knows he'll get yelled at when the volume notifies the adults of his addiction, so he runs into the bathroom to hide. The tile-floored bathroom. The slippery tiled bathroom. Can you guess what happened?

Note the chip on the tank. That was not there before the tooth-brushing.

McGuire is fine, despite a trip to the ER and a CT scan. He got 6 stitches and might wind up with a thin scar down the road. For now, it is just a red line on his forehead, healing nicely.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August Birthday Parties

So, better late than never?
It was a weekend of birthday parties, both of which went quite well. Carrie was first, hosting us on Mom's birthday at her house. Us, in this case, was my family, Kurt, Carrie's family, Dad and Joanne, Mom and Don, John and Laura (it was also John's birthday)

My boys with both paternal grandparents at the same time!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

World War 2 Memorial

Just wow.

Such a beautiful monument, and a great time to appreciate how intelligent McGuire is.  We spent a long time talking about the Second World War, things like Isolationism and making hard decisions like dropping nukes.  Pictures are found in my picasa Web Album.
WW2 Memorial

August Wedding in DC

8/8/08 marks the wedding of Allison's second oldest sister. 

Boys in Tuxes

At the Church

On the bus from Chapel to Reception

Ring bearers and Flower Girls

McGuire Dancing

Archer Sleeping